I'm GeaRSiX. Welcome to my corner on the internet, it's more of a garden.

Exploring the internet is a hobby of mine.


I host pages of all the projects I'm working on / have worked on / will work on / etc.

It's mostly going to be software development (ocassionally hardware too), since this is one of my main intrests; these are my "dev" projects.

Sometimes I like to do creative or artsy things too. Currently it's most of it is really basic photography and whatever else I think fits; these are my "phart" projects (photography & art).


From time to time I write stuff for others to read. It's good to share. Either that or I'm writing it for my own future reference.


I'm around:


Your best bet of contacting me is via email: No need to be shy, even if you just wanna nerd-out over something with me.

If you're curious about this site specifically, see: