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abe project

A project page for abe (a basic editor), which is currently nothing more than my own programming toy for when I get an itch for C (not a useable text editor).


I think if I ever actually make it into something useable i'll wrap the functionality of this in another project (probably called ace, a complicated editor).

gearsix v2

I've finally launched (this is version 2). Here's an article talking about how this website came into being and why it took me a year+:

Road to (v2)

I've also added historical versions of this site for referencing in the article:


dotfm project

Just finished the project page for dotfm!

check it out


I've created a portfolio website for an artist with a lot of really cool artwork to share, check it out and send her some love!


WipEout in 2020

After playing the Rollcage series from the 90s UK-based developer Psygnosis earlier this year to the point of mastering both games I was pretty excited to check out some of their other games from the same period.

So here's WipEout. It's very hard but also very awesome. 90s UK rave + racing a missile around very curvy tracks.

Psygnosis games have a really nice habit of making me feel like this:

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i've been playing syberia lately

Been playing through Syberia lately. It's ok, don't think I would recommend it to anyone though.

Anyone I was in a funny mood while playing it one night and started recording bits that got me laughing.

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So... I uhm, did end up using something to build the site with plain-text / markdown files.

This is why after the first post I went silent, I decided I wanted to write my own static site generator to do it. It's a long story, so I'll be writing an article the project and (hopefully) have a project page up soon enough.

Anyway, hopefully content should start flowing now since the tool is in a working state.


Something I did in the last few months -, it's a public read-only git server.

I decided to write an article explaining how I set the server up incase I forget in the future.

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I've just finished most of the HTML/CSS for this page as well as the articles pages.

Ideally I'll use something to convert plain-text/markdown files into HTML and generate a page from them using a templating engine (probably with a static site generator) so that I don't have to modify and copy/pasta HTML everywhere.