Activity Log

updates is back online :)

I've added repositories that I've forked and made changes too and a few very minor css changes.

See the original post about how I setup the server here: setting up a git server


With the updates, I updated my stagit fork too.

First off I merged changes from upstream (was about 2 versions behind).

Next I did some work to add support for specifying fork repositories under a <details> section for originals & forks. Fork repositories are specified by a .git/fork file in the repository, this file can optionally contain a url of the original repository.


While I was working on my codemadness forks, I re-wrote the hacky sfeed-read script I previously made for it (now sfeed_read) and updated the doc.


Star Trek Logs

A small little idea I've had for a while.

I decided doing it could make a good example for another project of mine (suti).

So far I've only done the first season from TOS, but I might do more in the future.

Star Trek Logs



Part 1/2 of the tool I used to build this website.

I decided while trying to tidy the tool up that it was too cumbersome. The development history of it is slightly messy (the design changed a number of times), which has led to it becoming a bit of a nightmare to work with in some places..

Consequently I've broken it down into smaller projects. This one provides the core functionality of what it does: using Golang's reflection library to allow you to use any data language and execute it against and template language (provided both are supported).

suti project

It was about 2 months of on/off work, longer that it usually would have been because I was trying out test-driven development after seeing an "Uncle-Bob" talk online. His talks are very much oriented towards doing monolithic OOP projects in big american corp, nonetheless he still makes quite a few good points and from the background I can understand why he makes the points he does.

Anyway checkout suti, the second half of the static site generator is going to be framework that wraps around this.

gearsix v2

I've finally launched (this is version 2). Here's an article talking about how this website came into being and why it took me a year+:

Road to (v2)

I've also added historical versions of this site for referencing in the article:


dotfm project

Just finished the project page for dotfm!

check it out


I've created a portfolio website for an artist with a lot of really cool artwork to share, check it out and send her some love!


WipEout in 2020

After playing the Rollcage series from the 90s UK-based developer Psygnosis earlier this year to the point of mastering both games I was pretty excited to check out some of their other games from the same period.

So here's WipEout. It's very hard but also very awesome. 90s UK rave + racing a missile around very curvy tracks.

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Psygnosis games have a really nice habit of making me feel like this:


i've been playing syberia lately

Been playing through Syberia lately. It's ok, don't think I would recommend it to anyone though.

Anyone I was in a funny mood while playing it one night and started recording bits that got me laughing.

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So... I uhm, did end up using something to build the site with plain-text / markdown files.

This is why after the first post I went silent, I decided I wanted to write my own static site generator to do it. It's a long story, so I'll be writing an article the project and (hopefully) have a project page up soon enough.

Anyway, hopefully content should start flowing now since the tool is in a working state.


Something I did in the last few months -, it's a public read-only git server.

I decided to write an article explaining how I set the server up incase I forget in the future.

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I've just finished most of the HTML/CSS for this page as well as the articles pages.

Ideally I'll use something to convert plain-text/markdown files into HTML and generate a page from them using a templating engine (probably with a static site generator) so that I don't have to modify and copy/pasta HTML everywhere.