i've been playing Syberia lately

I was in a weird mood one night while playing Syberia.

I've always been curious about Syberia, it's a footnote game that pops up every few years. Most recently I noticed it was on the Google Play store, so I installed it and started playing. It was pretty interesting and I was kinda hooked, very different. The free Google Play download was just a demo though, so after finishing it I thought i'd play the whole game proper - I've had a digital copy of it archived for years.

Conclusion? It a very ok game, kinda long in a lot of places. I don't think I could recommend it to anyone. I found myself kinda bored while playing it a lot of the time. There's a lot of backtracking. I guess that game really wants you to appreciate it's washed out pre-rendered backgrounds?

Anyway, I dont have much more to say on it. I just wanted to share some moments I had with the game one night:

"kate doesn't feel ok" - the game doesn't like it when you alt-tab

It's not that buggy, for an early 2000s adventure game it actually looks pretty nice in some parts.

On a lighter note, it's age has provided some incredibly awkward humour.

"oscar loses his hands" - this part made me laugh, there's something so awkward about it.

update: I finished the game and the ending was an awful cliffhanger with 0 payoff.