GeaR SiX

stuff about me


I'm GeaRSiX; An internet alias that does stuff and likes more stuff.


dev (development)

Software development (and occasionally hardware) is one of my main activites, I develop anything I feel like doing. I don't have a strict philosophy on how I develop stuff, but generally I try to KISS projects and use a minimalist approach without sacrificing other important factors (like performance or efficiency). I also try to make my code as readable as possible so that in few months time (when I actually try finish it) I can understand wtf I was thinking by looking at the code. You can find all that stuff under /projects/dev.

phart (photography & art)

It's photography and whatever else I do that' comes under the umberella of art (so anything really). I'm not a great photographer, or an artist - I end up with pharty projects though. The photography stuff is usually taken on my phone whenever I see something cool, for some reason I keep ending up with collections that fit a certain title. Anything else is random photoshops so far... You can find all this stuff under /projects/phart.