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Westerlund 2, An Intro Theme


How I chose the song that plays on the landing page. Very pedantic.

If you haven't seen the new landing page for this site, check it out. I'm quite happy with it.

The initial idea was just to choose something quiet, subtle and a little atmospheric. I'm no musician and didn't want to learn how to make the audio clip yet. So I spent ages listening to royalty-free music snippets and finding something fitting. After a half-hour I had a better idea, remembering this: SYSTEM Sounds. It's a cool project where music is made from astronomy by translating certain properties of starts into sounds. One of the co-founders of the project did a TED talk explaining it: What does the universe sound like? A music tour.

So instead of finding a random, edgy, ambient sound, I remembered that I'd saved an image of Westerlund 2 after it came up as the result for a seperate little project released by NASA a few years ago: What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday?

Here's the result I got, Westerlund 2:

Westerlund 2

Luckily, the SYSTEM-sounds project had a sonification of the Westerlund 2 cluster. I only made some minor modifications to it (trimming silence, adding cleaner fade in/out). It might not give of the initial vibe I was going for but I think this is much cooler.

Here's the video and some details of the sonification, from Chandra:

sonify4_wd2 details