A personal collections of scripts I frequently use in my linux development environment.

This is really just a personal bunch of scripts I use in my Linux development environment. I wrote an bash install script and it allows you to see the description, dependencies, etc describes in each script.

Some of them aren't useful (see the depreciated folder), others are just short- hand for chaining commands or specific options, etc. I was initially putting these in my .bashrc, but it was getting a little large and causing some terminal emulators to delay for a couple of ms before loading a new window; I created this repo as a result. I think it's better this way since it provides better modularity anyway.

Just download or git clone the above, cd into the directory and run ./install (you might need to chmod +x ./install it first.

The install script has a --help argument if you're not sure what to do. See the README for more details, here