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data and template interface


dati - data and template interface

dati aims to provide a universal interface for executing data files, written in any data-serialization language, against template files, written in any templating languages. Ideally dati will support any language you want to use.

It can be imported as a golang library or used a cmdline tool.

dati works by using various libraries that do all the hard work to parse data and template files passed to it. It generates a data structure of all the passed data files combined (a super-data structure) and executes that structure against a set of root template files. The used libraries are listed below for credit/reference.


You can find the source code for dati at any of the following locations:

If you want to use the dati tool, just compile dati.go in cmd/:

go build -o dati cmd/dati.go

Then move the dati binary to anywhere in your path.

See the README and examples/ for an idea of how to use it.


2022 March

2021 October

New milestone. I'm using suti in another project now and it's given me a good chance to work out a lot of kinks and improve the librarys interfaces.

No new support for languages has been added but that should be in the next release now that the internals are worked out.

2020 March

First release 0, beta.

Support for the following data languages:

Support for the following templating languages: