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Converts plain-text to HTML.

txt2html is a tool for converting text files to HTML. Written as a exercise in writing a simple syntax parser.

The goal is to be simple and not to create set of syntax rules for another markup language - just to take conventions commonly found in .txt files and convert them to HTML. Which has just resulted in a subset of Markdown anyway.

If you're looking for a good tool that does the same job, I'd recommend cmark (



usage: txt2html [OPTIONS] FILE...

Convert content in txt files to html.

FILE...   A list of 1 filepaths that point to files to be converted to HTML

-br           Treat newlines within paragraphs as line breaks.
-v            Print verbose logs during runtime
-h, --help    Print this message


The following rules from Markdown are followed:


Building the tool is easy, just run make, or make debug debug to include debug symbols.

Doing it manually is easy too, there are no external dependencies, here's an example using GCC: gcc -o txt2html *.c